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I source my open weave or ‘drawn-work’ (‘deshilado’) rebozos from the Aguilar family in Mexico, who have been offering artisanal items in Mexico since 1970. The family personally dies their pieces using plant colourings. I only source 100% cotton woven rebozos from them as these work better for Closing the Bones work and support during pregnancy. These open weaves come in several sizes. I offer 2m and 2.60-2.70m ones.

These normal size ones measure 60cm x 200cm (with an added 25cm of hand-knotted fringe on either side) and weigh 285 grams each. They come in different colours.

When a colour variation states ‘Available on back-order’, the actual shade can still be different from the one pictured. If you want to be absolutely sure about the colour, please only order what is indicated as ‘in stock’ or come and check back in the next weeks, as the ones ‘on back-order’ will then have arrived (these are always Rebozos that are on their way from Mexico at that point).

I offer a 5% discount if you order 5 rebozos or more, and a 10% discount if you order 10 rebozos or more (the Chakra/Rainbow coloured open weave sets don’t count towards the 10 as they are already discounted – order the rebozos separately if you want the 10% discount on your entire order). Use coupon codes 5%on5 or 10%on10. Not applicable on sale items.

The webshop only accepts UK addresses – however, for international orders simply contact me via email or whatsapp. We will then organise your shipping and arrange payment for your order via PayPal or otherwise. I offer FREE shipping to Europe for Rebozo orders of £200 or over.

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Dark Purple, Royal Blue, Turquoise, Parrot Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, Burgundy, Dark Mexican Pink (Fuchsia), Dark Rose, Light Blue, Forest Green, Rust, Aqua, Dark Green, Lavender, Apple Green, Light Pink, Indigo, Light Apple Green, Dark Rust, Purple, Navy Blue, Sea Green, Papaya Orange, Chartreuse Green, Brown, Cream, Old Rose