Rebozo Self-Massage and Self-Wrapping Women’s Circle

A Circle of Women. Woven together as a Rebozo, all of us exploring different stages of this journey from Maiden to Crone. Holding space for one another as we massage, wrap and hold ourselves, unravelling what needs unravelling without becoming unravelled ourselves… Creating the safe space of sisterhood so essential for our well-being, and for the exploration of what we are holding onto and what can be let go.


These circles are suited for women from all walks of life and backgrounds, from all cultures, and from all age groups ranging from teenagers and young adults to women in the perimenopause and those who have already entered those special wisdom years of the crone.

Would you like to bring a Circle of Women together in which I lead you through this deeply nurturing and profoundly transformative work? 

As you honour me with your trust I’ll hold space for you to be vulnerable. I’ll help hold you. With cloth, with love, with presence, with awareness. So you can safely take off layer after layer of your pain, your stories, your shame and guilt, your fears, your expectations about yourself and your loved ones.

What is included in a typical session?

I will introduce you all to the Rebozo or Manta, a shawl traditionally used in Closing the Bones or Cerrada-ceremonies, as well as to the Faja or Womb Belt. Traditionally offered during the postpartum (or to heal a miscarriage, stillbirth, abortion, loss), Rebozo-work as offered in Closing the Bones is also used to support us when menstruating, to mark major transitions in a woman’s life, such as the menarche, marriage, divorce, job or home changes, (peri)menopause, a hysterectomy, … , to help with fertility problems, for treatment of anxiety, shock, trauma, PTSD, ADD, autism, or sensory over-stimulation. There is nearly no end to its applications.

For me, the humble Rebozo or Manta symbolizes both the fabric and the tight weave of Sisterhood: it provides support, comfort, softness, the feeling of being held, and a chrysalis-like space for the many transformations we as women go through. While being rocked and wrapped in a Rebozo helps a woman to find her own self and center again and seals up any energy leakages, being in a circle of women can do the same thing for us. Now imagine the strength of those 2 combined…

In the safe space of a Women’s Circle we will nourish ourselves with beautiful Rebozo massage techniques for the entire body from head to feet, with a tender womb-space massage and with Rebozo wrapping on ourselves, holding space for stagnated energy and stuck emotions to be released gently but powerfully.

We will work on the fascia (connective tissue), massage targeted muscles, work on the lymph system (and shame and guilt trapped there), on the vagus nerve, on the entire meridian system, on the uterine and pelvic ligaments (to realign the uterus and learn to enjoy pain-free periods!), on adrenaline deposits on the hips, on the fluids in the body, we massage and wrap all body parts on ourselves, we feel, we release, we allow things to heal…

I’ll show you several ways in which you can massage your entire body with a Rebozo (and even use it for stretches in a yoga practice), teach you to wrap your own head, torso, abdomen and hips, and show you some hands-on massage techniques for the abdomen and hips, helping to release tension from the abdominal fascia as well as adrenaline deposits on the hip bones.

We open and close with some beautiful meditations.


A session typically takes minimum 3 hours and can be done longer if you’d like to create a 4 hour session e.g. I even create full-day workshops where the morning up to lunch is spent in this Rebozo Self-Massage Women’s Circle, and the afternoon is dedicated to full Cerrada-wrapping ceremonies for all participants.

We can also host an online session just for your group!

closing bones massage

The price will depend on the number of participants, the length of time you want to book for and the travel time & cost involved for me if it’s an in-person circle – please get in touch if you’d like to discuss organising a circle like this in a Red Tent or other Women’s group setting, in a longer yoga class or at a retreat, or for any occasion where you would want to come together with women from your family, community or friends circle…

For in-person circles I will provide Rebozos, Fajas and tightening sticks for your group to work with, as well as some wonderful Women’s Balance massage oil for everyone.

Rebozos and Fajas are capable of SO much: wrapping, holding, rocking. They can hold a pregnant belly, give support in birth, wrap the mother afterwards, help her wear her baby, … They can hold the womb space after a hysterectomy. Give counter pressure during menstrual cramping and allow those cramps to just melt away. They can take away IBS cramping instantly. They can center someone during an episode of sensory overwhelm. Give safety and security during anxiety or panic. Provide calmness and centering grounding in AD(H)D. Create a holding space during loss and grief for us to be with those emotions, but not be totally overtaken by them. They can create a space for us to (learn to) love ourselves in.

The chrysalis that allows rebirth – whatever form that rebirth is meant to take.

Which women typically gather like this? Well, the list is quite long, and the below is not an extensive one…

  • Women trying to conceive.
  • Women having recently given birth to their baby and the mother inside them.
  • Women having recently miscarried.
  • Women who have had a hysterectomy and believe they have lost the essence of their womanhood, while in fact 80% of that womb space energy is still present in them.
  • Women who have experienced loss.
  • Women who have experienced abuse.
  • Women grieving.
  • Women finding their feet in a new family.
  • Women crossing the perimenopause and entering the stage of the Wise Crone that is so undervalued by our society, where women in this stage often feel themselves becoming invisible…
  • Women celebrating their shared womanhood.
  • Women learning how to wrap and massage themselves when they are menstruating to enjoy pain-free periods that can now become moments of gorgeous rest in the busy lives we lead.
  • Women learning tools to help with their IBS.
  • Women feeling alone and lost and in need of sisters.
  • Women finding themselves again. Women falling in love with themselves again. Women honoring themselves again.
  • Women rising up and holding the space for other women to rise up… Women diving deep into their pain, and coming back out on the other side, transformed, empowered, having realized their depth. Women being vulnerable and real among other women.

Testimonials from previous attendees

  • “Thank you for a magical morning. I enjoyed every minute.”
  • “Thank you for such a brilliant session. Wonderful way to start the day!”
  • “Thank you everyone, I felt really connected. hope to do this again! Sign me up for the next one!”
  • “I feel whole and I feel complete, thank you for this 🙂 “
  • “Thank You for this, feeling really goooodd… Just want to get myself ready for bed now and feel how I feel when I wake up… 💓💓💓”
  • “I loved how you have developed the whole sequence into a self-rebozo-massage. And when you teach it’s very obvious to me that your teaching is grounded in a lot of experience (experience not just in rebozo work).”
  • “Thank you Japjeet, again it was so lovely this second time round. I had a lot of emotional and physical release. Grounding. I realise how much I should wrap myself regularly, bringing me back to myself, my center, in a safe space, containing and closing. With work and family and friends as a woman I give a lot, being open. This wrapping and selfcare just gives such an important counterbalance.”
  • “Thank you – I loved it just as much this second time – great using my new manta.”
  • “Thank you so much, it was brilliant and very helpful!  Thank you Japjeet, you are fab.”
  • “Thanks a lot! It was really interesting to do these techniques on myself. Definitely want do this more often … Was lovely connecting xx”
  • “Thank you Japjeet – it was lovely – hope to join your future sessions.”
  • “Thank you Japjeet! You’re perfect holding the space.”
  • “I really enjoyed the beautiful workshop this morning. At first I felt a-bit out of place because I thought it would be focused towards people who had experienced more than a period but I felt very very connected by the end of it. It’s so beautiful and amazing to be in touch with what our ancestors have to offer and I’m so grateful to be able to learn more.”
  • “Really enjoyed the workshop again today & was amazed with what came up for me this time. Felt a deeper connection, thank you xx”
  • “I was really surprised that it feels so relaxing to massage myself with a rebozo. Definitely to be repeated, thank you!”
  • “The workshop today was inspirational and if you were to repeat it again I would love to join. Meanwhile I hope to be able to purchase a Rebozo from you! I am post-menopausal and feel really connected to share this information with other older women who may feel they have lost their youth and have not yet come to terms with their wisdom as older women. I don’t always feel society nourishes these women and they become invisible. Their wealth of experience and their depth of wisdom is so important and it feels as if the skills you taught us this morning could be the nourishment that is so needed. I feel very inspired and want to thank you so much.”
  • “Japjeet! What a fabulous Red Tent. You wouldn’t believe how much of a release I had afterwards, I cried so intensely…”
  • “This really resonates with me as someone who gave birth in February as well. It’s the first time my womb has felt secure and centred since the birth! Thank you x”
  • “This is my new favourite self-care technology.”
  • “I loved the way it made my body feel, and was feeling irritated at the start, that’s gone. thank you never thought to use cloth in this way, though have had a massage like this but I never knew much about it, but it felt so good.”
  • “This makes me feel like I’ve been reborn. I’ve been trying to come to my true self through Kundalini Yoga too and I finally do feel with this work like I have found myself as a young woman.”
  • “Again, that really resonates with me [the wrapping] in terms of pregnancy and labour – I felt like I absorbed so much societal rubbish about my body and that it hasn’t had anywhere to go – I think what we call postnatal depression might just be that there’s so much [good and bad] that’s been absorbed by the pregnant and labouring body but very little space to release it, culturally, in the fourth trimester…”
  • “All very healing and soothing. thank you 🙏”
  • “Thank You Japjeet, again, for all this! Also to all of you for being here and sharing, straight from your heart! Lots of love to all of ya, beautiful Women.”
  • “Thank you Japjeet for this, it was so wonderful! It was great being in community with all of you ladies.”
  • “Thank you for such an informative and nurturing evening x”
  • “Grateful for this evening, this sharing and connecting ! enjoyed it very much ! Thank you Japjeet, again for sharing your wisdom, Always great listening to you ! Thank you all for meeting together ! Bless you all, take care !”
  • “For me, beforehand I felt unloved & yearning for the love of something/ someone. It was wonderful to love myself for a short time. Feeling held & accepted.”
  • “We loved it, thanks so much – really learnt a lot, thank you Japjeet it was gorgeous.”
  • “Indeed the feeling of being held was also for me very strong and nurturing ! Loved the connection to my heart while being wrapped!”
  • “Thank you Japjeet and everyone, what a beautiful practice to share.”
  • “I’m still processing. Thank you so much for this. I’ll write to you once I know what to say. Really looking forward to the training and to my own bone closing.”
  • “I’ve so enjoyed this – it’s been so provocative and fulfilling. Thank you, Japjeet and everyone for a truly beautiful evening xxx”
  • “This is powerful, beautiful and enlightening… I feel empowered, thank you Japjeet ji always.”
  • “Thank you so much it has been very helpful.”
  • “Wonderfully nurturing evening, thank you Japjeet xx”