Couples Yoga & Meditation

Embrace Partnership: Top 5 Yoga Poses to Try With a Partner

Couples Yoga helps you to connect with your partner in a different way than you might be used to.

It can greatly help both new couples as they explore a new relationship, and long-term couples who might find themselves co-managing a household and family, but feeling they really lack the time and opportunity to truly be present together, to themselves and to one another.

Couples Yoga is much more than just attending a group or even private yoga class together.

Through exercises and  meditations that you do facing one another, sitting back to back, supporting one another in couple exercises, connecting through the touch of foot soles, spine, hand mudras, and the deep meeting of each other by connecting via breath and gaze/eyes, together you enter a space of increased vulnerability, of profound and undistracted presence to one another, of authentically being together, of truly seeing and hearing one another, of innocent playfulness, of compassionate honesty, and the letting go of expectations and old relationship patterns.

Couples Yoga & Meditation can profoundly transform your relationship and help you meet each other in so many new ways again.

The idea is not that you try and drag you partner to Couples Yoga just because you love your practice and want them to get on board with it too. It is a place where you both meet in transparency, authenticity, compassion and love.