Stress Management & Burnout Prevention Workshops

Duration: These workshops typically last between 90 mins and 2 ½ hours depending on the wishes of the company and the amount of interaction with participants that is desired. They can also be offered as a series of several workshops.

Location: While I am based in Leicester, I do travel around the UK to offer these workshops.

In our stress management & burnout prevention workshops we explore the power of applied meditation through real corporate life examples. We start with a short introduction on how the nervous system, brain and glandular system work and how stress disrupts their optimal functioning, thus allowing you to understand the science behind meditation. In the second part of the workshop we take our cue from different situations that anyone working in the corporate or academic world will regularly be faced with. We discuss what starts happening to our nervous system and brain in these different scenarios and how the blood chemistry (our hormone balance) is affected in each of them. For each situation, a short meditation technique is introduced (usually between just 3 and 5 minutes long), with an explanation of how different hand postures (called mudras), eye focuses (called dhristi) and breath techniques (called pranayam) can profoundly rebalance the hormones and nervous system in said situation. We then practice the meditation technique, giving participants a hands-on experience of the power of applied meditation. Hand-outs with instructions to each meditation are provided so participants can afterwards keep working with these meditations.

Topics that are usually discussed include:

  • How to feel less drained or tired at work and prevent burnout.
  • How to calm yourself before an important presentation or job interview.
  • How to confidently make crucial decisions.
  • How to move on from a negative encounter (e.g. argument with a colleague, a tense situation at home, an upsetting phone call, a negative evaluation, …), i.e. how to refocus your mind and stay concentrated at work so you are still productive for the rest of the day.
  • How to have the confidence to network with the right people.
  • How to deal with the looming threat of cuts, job loss, etc.

If the session is long enough, there can be more time for interaction, questions, and possible other scenarios to be discussed.

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