Pregnancy yoga leicester


Fertility, Pregnancy, Childbirth and the Postpartum Period

I offer information sessions regarding

  • Fertility issues
  • ‘Conscious Conception’
  • Pregnancy
  • Childbirth
  • The postpartum period (specifically the 40-day '4th trimester')

These sessions can also be attended by the partner. They include a variety of knowledge from a yogic and holistic point of view including

  • nutrition to increase fertility
  • falling pregnant after a (history of) miscarriage(s)
  • dealing with and healing the trauma of miscarriage, stillborn babies or the loss of a baby
  • the importance of correct nutrition during pregnancy
  • special postpartum foods (first 40 days after childbirth)
  • correct supplementation
  • homeopathic medicine surrounding labour and to help recover after childbirth
  • placenta usages
  • natural tips for pain relief during labour - how to naturally increase your oxytocin production
  • yoga postures to alleviate different aches and pains during pregnancy
  • the use of a Rebozo shawl during pregnancy and labour
  • pregnancy & postnatal massage advice
  • birthing positions
  • advice on a Conscious Caesarean (C-section)
  • postnatal recovery (vaginal birth and C-section)
  • the importance of a quiet and protected 40 first days for mother and new-born
  • inviting family & friends to help out with house-hold chores instead of coming to visit the newborn and making mum play the role of host
  • skin-to-skin contact & baby-wearing
  • breastfeeding tips
  • co-sleeping in early and later childhood
  • Mothering the Mother
  • postpartum Closing the Bones massages
  • bajos (vaginal steambaths) to help with fertility problems and ovarian cysts
  • postpartum bajos (vaginal steam baths / yoni steam baths)
  • recipes for home-made salves to heal C-section scars or tearing of the perineum
  • postpartum abdominal strengthening exercise regime
  • how to correct diastasis recti
  • etc.

These are incredibly useful as an extra to the information your midwife provides. The aim is to impart knowledge as well as empower the parents(-to-be).

Duration: 60 mins per session.

These sessions can be held in person (either at my place in Leicester or at your home if it's in the surrounding area) or over Skype.