Important Practical Information

What to bring to a class and what to keep in mind so as to take care of your body

  • Wear loose fitting clothes. Natural fibres are best as they allow your skin to breathe. White clothing is the preferred choice to project and cleanse your aura, but it is not mandatory to wear white. Please also wear a head cover (ideally white) to contain energy in the crown chakra during practice and protect yourself from the energy of others.
  • Bring a yoga mat or sheepskin to sit/lie on, a shawl or blanket to cover yourself with during the relaxation and meditation, and if needed a cushion to help you sit more comfortably.
  • Bring a water bottle and drink small amounts regularly during a class, especially if we are practicing a strenuous kriya.
  • We recommend not to eat any heavy meals two to three hours before class; a light snack, some soup, fruit or nuts are okay.
  • Drugs [including coffee, alcohol and tobacco] as well as a high protein (meat) diet go against the aims of yoga. Important: You will be asked to leave the class if you are found to be under the influence of recreational drugs or alcohol. Please also inform the teacher if you regularly or occasionally take any recreational drugs, as there will be counterindications for your yoga practice and you will not be allowed to do all exercises.
  • Please do not wear any perfume to class, as it might give yourself or other students a headache.
  • Cultivate the habit of going a little beyond your limits, but not to the point of injury. When you cannot continue an exercise, rest a moment and then resume. Often meditations in KY can cause some discomfort through holding a static posture. It is best to hold the posture unless it is causing physical damage. The pain or discomfort will pass and this increases the effect of the meditation.
  • Elder people and those with high blood pressure will naturally be advised to do all the exercises more slowly.
  • If you have any back problems let your teacher know and learn to adjust the exercises accordingly. Women should avoid strenuous exercise during the first three days of their period. They should also avoid a specific yoga breathing technique called Breath of Fire, as well as double leg lifting, strong breathing and inverted postures such as Shoulder Stand. A gentle approach is best during your menstrual cycle and also during pregnancy.
  • Pregnant women should avoid Breath of Fire and Shoulder Stand, as well as any exercise done on the stomach.
  • Before or during your first class you will be given an Intake Form with questions regarding old or recent injuries, diseases, medication or recreational drugs you are taking, etc.; please fill this in and send it over or bring it with you to class, so your teacher is aware of any health issues and insurance is covered.


  • We invite you to enthusiastically approach your yoga practice. However, we encourage you to use care when determining your own ability to do the exercises offered in these classes. Do not aggravate an existing injury. If you have a doubt as to whether yoga would be recommended if you have a particular injury or condition, please consult your health care professional.
  • The instruction and advice presented at this Kundalini Yoga class is not meant to be used in lieu of professional medical or psychological care for the treatment of any condition.
  • There are certain limitations to the practice of yoga for pregnant and menstruating women. Please see the information provided above and/or ask the instructor.

Tips for meditation

  • Keep the spine straight and keep the chin in and back in neck lock (jalandhar bandha), straightening the neck.
  • Become conscious of the breath, possibly linking it to a mantra (e.g. Sat Naam).
  • Mantras are an important aid to meditation, as they help to cleanse the subconscious mind as well as releasing new resources of consciousness. The rhythmic breathing and alternative thought form of the mantras serve to interrupt our usual mental patterns and create opportunities for the intuition to function and have more influence, bringing clarity to our lives.
  • Focus on inhaling white light & clear energy, exhaling toxins and tensions.
  • Be aware of the hand mudra (hand position or movement).
  • Focus the eyes slightly up at the third eye-point (the brow point between the eyebrows).

Thoughts will come up. Don't attach yourself to them, don't identify with them, don't suppress them or run from them. In no way make any thoughts important, just allow them to pass. If you are not chanting, press the tongue lightly to the upper palate.


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