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Mummy & Me / Children / Family Yoga

I offer private classes in Leicester (and surrounding areas) for Mummy & Baby, Mummy & Toddler/Preschooler, Children and for the whole Family.

These classes are very playful and fun, and are specifically targeted to the age of your child. They are an excellent way of bonding with your newborn, of managing those infamous toddler tantrums, of spending valuable time with your family through the daily challenges of raising a family that may sometimes make you forget the fun that can be shared. The sessions will bring profound joy and relaxation to both yourself and your children.

Duration: 45 to 60 mins as to your preference.

Mummy & Baby Massage & Yoga and Mummy & Toddler/Preschooler Yoga are also offered as group classes at our studio in Leicester, but they run only when we have a minimum of 3 people at any given time. You can however always book in for private classes.

You can attend with children from 6 weeks old, and our sessions will change with the development of your children from newborns over head-holders, almost sitting, almost crawling, crawling, almost walking, walking and then developing into toddlers, preschoolers and school-aged children. When you contact me, do mention which of these development phases your child is currently in.

I am a certified baby, toddler, children and teenagers yoga teacher – Radiant Child Yoga Program RCYP Level 1 & 2.

Top Twelve Reasons Why Babies & Toddlers Need Yoga

  1. To help them sleep better and longer
  2. To improve digestion and ease gas pain
  3. To turn fussiness into happiness
  4. To promote a healthy, physically fit lifestyle
  5. To strengthen the parent-child bond
  6. To increase neuromuscular and brain development
  7. To cultivate self-esteem (also for the parent!) and a positive body image
  8. To boost the immune system
  9. To reduce stress and develop relaxation techniques (also for the parent!)
  10. To reduce anxiety
  11. To increase body awareness
  12. To aid the natural development of movement from birth to walking


If you are interested in organising Mummy & Me, Children, Teens or Family Yoga classes in your local nursery, school, neighbourhood or community centre, or anywhere else in Leicester, please Click here.

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