Womb (/Womb Space) Massage & Womb Wrapping

During this Womb (/Womb Space) Massage I focus fully on your abdominal area, from your pubic bone up to your ribs. I will massage you with a nourishing oil, containing a bespoke blend of essential oils for your massage to target specific concerns (bringing out hormone balance; restoring warmth to the womb area; treating menstrual cramps; treating Yin excess (such as in endometriosis and ovarian cysts) or other imbalances; helping the body recover from a hysterectomy; supporting a fertility journey; …) while at the same time relaxing the mind through the aromatherapy. The focus during the abdominal massage is to remove tension in the uterus and bladder, bring the organs back to their original position, and work into the hip bones, thus releasing blocked and stagnated energy. The massage includes the breaking up of adrenalin crystals which have formed on the hip bones and indicate unresolved emotion and trauma. Ultimately, the massage helps to draw your energy back to your creative centre: your womb (/womb space).

After the massage we firmly tie a Rebozo or Womb Belt (Faja) — whichever is more appropriate for you personally — around your womb to hold the uterus and bladder in place, and we wrap a second one around your hips to support them too. I cover you up nice and warm and give you a lavender eye pillow to allow even deeper relaxation. Once ‘closed’ you are able to lie quietly while gentle music can play. Emotional release is possible and I will hold the space for you to go through this. The firm hold of the cloth allows you to let go and go deep inside. Once you are ready to be unwrapped, we slowly release the hold of the rebozo, and then we share a cup of herbal tea – made as a bespoke blend just for you and your individual concerns – and a chat to help integrate the experience.

I will also show you how you can continue to wrap yourself

  • Duration: 75 mins
  • Please do not wear any perfume for the massage, as it will likely give either of us or both of us a severe headache.
  • Please wear comfortable clothing – no jeans.

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Womb (/Womb Space) & Upper Body Massage plus Wrapping of the Upper Body

In this extended Womb (/Womb Space) massage, the above-described treatment is complemented by a massage of the upper chest, breast area and arms to help with a deep release in the fascia (connective tissue) and with lymph movement and drainage, as well as tension in the shoulder area. These massage movements create a deep and beautiful flow of energy from the womb up through the heart to the throat and neck area, and are very fluid and feminine in nature. They help open the flow of energy upward into the heart and throat, as well as along the kidney meridian. This work can also benefit your milk production. (this part of the massage can be done with your bra kept on if you prefer).

We then wrap not only your abdomen and hips, but also your shoulders with rebozos, and let you relax in that swaddled state to integrate the work. We finish again with a cup of bespoke herbal tea, blended specifically to support you individually.

I will also show you how you can continue to wrap yourself.

  • Duration: 90 mins
  • Please do not wear any perfume for the massage, as it will likely give either of us or both of us a severe headache.
  • Please wear comfortable clothing – no jeans.


When are these Womb (/Womb Space) Massages usually particularly helpful?

  • during the postpartum 
  • after baby loss, miscarriage, stillbirth, abortion
  • in cases where a hysterectomy is suggested (it can often prevent the need for one) or after a hysterectomy
  • with fertility problems
  • to help with breastfeeding challenges
  • to mark the end of a breastfeeding journey
  • to honour the menarche (a girl’s first period) (rite of passage to Maiden)
  • to assist in the perimenopause or mark a women’s menopause (rite of passage into the beautiful state of Crone or Wise Woman)
  • to help with endometriosis
  • to help with PCOS
  • to help with cysts
  • to help with painful periods
  • to help with prolapse
  • to help with diastasis recti
  • for healing (physical, sexual, emotional, domestic) abuse and trauma
  • for women who have suffered female genital mutilation
  • for women who have been trafficked

Benefits of a Womb (/Womb Space) Massage & Wrapping

The massage stimulates the blood circulation which in turn cleanses, renews and moves fluids (and may postpartum greatly help with milk supply and lochia); moves hormones, restores the health of the reproductive system, helps to release trauma from the fascia (connective tissue) as well as hydrating and lengthening the fascia, renews the immune system, tones the muscles and renews the tissues. It also works powerfully on several front & side body meridians, in particular the kidney, liver and gallbladder meridians. Finally, it helps to put the dharan (navel point, hara, lower dan tien) back in place.

Done postpartum this massage also stimulates shrinkage of the uterus and helps to move the uterus and bladder back into their pre-pregnant place.

Unresolved emotional tension and trauma can be released in this massage and a woman’s energy is drawn back into her creative centre: her womb. This massage & the wrapping leaves you feeling put back together, ‘sealed’, safe, nurtured and profoundly cared for and ‘seen’ by a sister.