This webshop helps you to source:

  • Rebozos/Mantas, aka ‘baby wraps’ for Closing the Bones work, for use during pregnancy and labour, wrapping one’s hips to help with period pain or pelvic and back pain, for baby wearing, for use in yoga stretches and to cover up in shavasana, or simply for wearing as a beautiful shawl! 
  • Hand-knotted Meditation Malas, made by Japjeet herself (bespoke orders are also possible, please contact me).
  • Handmade Wool Sculptures (wool fairies and female figurines), made by a friend-artist.

You can find more info on how the Rebozos and Malas are made in the respective product categories.


(Please contact me prior to buying from overseas for overseas postage fees – we arrange your order directly via email instead of over the webshop.)

You can also contact me for different lengths or other colours of specific rebozos when mentioned in the product description that this is possible, and for bespoke mala orders.

My HOMEMADE SKINCARE PRODUCTS AND AROMATHERAPY BLENDS are NOT available via the webshop here – as I make them as bespoke orders for safety for your family (children, pregnancies, pets, …) and as the webshop would count too much in postage for you for most orders of more than 1 product, I ask you to email me directly on for these orders, and we arrange your order that way. You can find all these skincare products and aromatherapy blends on THIS PAGE.

My NEAL’S YARD ORGANIC REMEDIES WEBSHOP is accessible HERE (there is a link at the top of each webpage of this website too).


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