This webshop helps you to source your Rebozos (the Mexican name) or Mantas (the Ecuadorian name), aka ‘baby wraps’ for Closing the Bones work, Rebozo massage, or for baby wearing (or just for wearing as a shawl!). Rebozos (or their counterparts in other South American countries) have been part of pre- and postnatal South-American culture since pre-Hispanic times.

These woven shawls (I only stock cotton ones) are regarded as deeply sacred. They are referred to as “an extension of loving hands“, and the weaving of it can take up to a month. For me, the humble Rebozo or Manta symbolizes both the fabric and the tight weave of Sisterhood: it provides support, comfort, softness, the feeling of being held, it can put us back together or keep us together during times where we feel ourselves unravelling or need to physically feel that support of others around us, and it offers a chrysalis-like space for the many transformations we as women go through. While being rocked and wrapped in a Rebozo helps a woman to find her own self and center again and seals up any energy leakages, being in a circle of women can do the same thing for us. Like a Red Tent used to provide a protected space for menstruating women, a Rebozo holds you during your times of bleeding (menstruating, postpartum, miscarriage, …). I also often describe a Rebozo as “the fascia (connective tissue) outside of the body“, as in many ways it takes over the function of our fascia, allows a deep release of tension from the connective tissue when worked with, and allows for a deep energetic feeling and connection to develop between the one offering the rocking and massaging with the rebozo, and the one receiving it, to the point that it almost becomes like a ‘dance’ between the two.

I offer beautifully woven rebozos that are 100% non-stretch cotton, hand-made on Mexican pedal looms, with gorgeous colours and different patterns. I stock and offer different sizes (both different lengths and different widths), as well as different types of woven structures (referred to as “close weave” or “tupido” and “open weave” or “deshilado”). They are sourced from different villages and weavers communities from around Mexico – you can read about them in the descriptions.

A rebozo typically consist of two parts: the main part, which is the woven part made in the loom, and then secondly the fringe. The woven part is made by men, the fringe by women. The process to create a finished piece can take a couple of days up to an entire month. It starts with the thread being dyed, the cloth being woven and then finally the fringe is knotted by hand. The fringe is often unique to the weavers’ family or village and can act like a signature.

Through your orders at a fairtrade price setting instead of a high street pricing, you help to provide work for entire villages to preserve this sacred ancient weaving trade.

If you are looking for a Rebozo for baby wearing, please get a close weave that is min. 2.5m long. I can provide sling rings too, plus guides for using rebozos for baby wearing.

Washing instructions:

  • please first soak your rebozo (especially the open weave ones) overnight in water with a cup of salt or vinegar added to it, to help the colours to set
  • wash before first use
  • hand wash or use a hand wash/delicate cycle setting
  • 30° / 40° max.
  • use a mild detergent – I use a natural detergent, such as ivy leaves
  • ideally dry in the shade to protect the colours
  • don’t bleach
  • don’t tumble dry
  • protect the fringes by tying them together or tying a sock around them when washing
  • or use a laundry bag for protection

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