On my most recent trip to North-India I managed to contact the same artisans I sourced pashminas from between 2015 and 2018, and I was able to source some beautiful, incredibly soft, handwoven (& any embroidery is hand-embroidered too) pure pashmina shawls – all from wonderful Cashmere from the Kashmir Valley.

Gorgeous designs and colours, super soft.

They come in various price categories depending on the delicacy / softness of the pashmina and/or the embroidery on them.

There is also one category of a blend of pashmina & silk.

All pashminas have been folded in half for the pictures.
As all pieces are handmade, the dimensions and weight are individual too and are mentioned each time.

You simply cannot but fall in love with their softness, lightness and high quality. Nothing like you find in shops in the West…
Feel free to come and check them out at my place in Leicester too.

All pashminas can be used as scarfs, chunis or shawls but also as meditation shawls / light blankets for your yoga practice (shavasana) !

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