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Solid-colour, handwoven semi-pashminas  – these are a blend of 70% pashmina Cashmere wool from the Kashmir Valley and 30% silk. All are handloomed.
These are a little less soft than a pure pashmina, and they are woven on longer pieces from which they’ve been cut off (just like turban material, suit-material, chuni-material, khadr, and basically pretty much any cloth in India is bought when it’s not a finished piece like the other pashmina shawls on the webshop). This means you could choose to have a border made on them if you wanted…
They are folded in half for the pictures.
The dimensions and weight differ slightly for each pashmina. All coloured ones weigh 160g. The white one weighs 210g.
Blue: 212 x 105cm
Basant-yellow: 214 x 105cm
Light pink (this is a slight 2-tone, see detail pic also): 225 x 105cm
Fuchsia pink: 218 x 105cm
These can be used as shawls but are also perfect as meditation shawls / light blankets for your yoga practice (shavasana) !
Dry clean only.

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Blue, White, Basant-Yellow, Orange, Light Pink 2-tone, Fuchsia Pink