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These Chalinas are Mini open weave Rebozos – they measure 120cm long (tassels add another 10cm on either side) and are 40cm wide. They are made from 100% Mexican cotton and are plant died and woven on pedal looms in Oaxaca, Mexico.

This light, small and therefore very handy rebozo (it fits in a purse) is well suited as a rebozo to e.g. children, can be used for head or foot massages, and makes a lovely head or neck scarf.

The webshop only accepts UK addresses – however, for international orders simply contact me via email or whatsapp. We will then organise your shipping and arrange payment for your order via PayPal or otherwise. I offer FREE shipping to Europe for Rebozo orders of £200 or over.

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Grey, Turquoise, Beige