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6mm Ruby-Zoisite (aka Anyolite) Mala with Rudraksha guru bead knotted on green thread with dark rose tassel. NOTE: will need to be made again first.

Ruby-Zoisite typically comes as quite a wonky bead – I find that the best quality I can find are the not so round ones, they are much richer in colour and of a better intrinsic quality.

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NOTE: will need to be made again first.

Ruby-Zoisite typically comes as quite a wonky bead – I find that the best quality I can find are the not so round ones, they are much richer in colour and of a better intrinsic quality.

50cm long

Ruby-Zoisite (Anyolite)

Summary: Base Chakra, Heart Chakra, Third Eye Chakra – Zodiac sign: Aries – Keywords: Self-control, Self-esteem, Healing, Harmony, Dream recall, Relaxation, Positivity, Rebirth, Psychic Abilities, Astral Projection, Eases mourning.

Rudraksha Seed (5 mukhi)

Summary: Keywords: Safeguarding from negative energies, Provides stability, Balance between calmness and activity in body and mind, Agility, Alertness, Focus, Concentration, Memory, Purity, Cleanses & Unblocks the Chakras, Balances the Chakras, Enhances meditative states, Family harmony, Self-empowerment, Abundance, Helps in Kundalini awakening, Peace, Harmony, Sharp intellect, Peace of mind, Personal success, Professional success – Physical & mental health: controls blood pressure, helps with hypertension, calms nervous system, skin-related disorders, itching, wounds, skin irritation, backaches, headaches, psychiatric conditions, tension, phobia, insomnia


Ruby-Zoisite (Anyolite)

Anyolite is the name used to describe the naturally occurring combination of Green Zoisite with deep red Ruby stone. Both the green Zoisite energy and the red Ruby are strongly heart based.

This lovely stone has a vibrant energy and will enhance the energetic and neural connections between your brain and your heart, and will stimulate positive feelings.

Zoisite with Ruby is an amazing natural mineral combination. Ruby is the stone of courage and strength, and purges any fear or anxiety that sit within us daily. Green Zoisite’s energy produces growth and fertility in all aspects of life. It helps us “rebirth” and have a better understanding of ourselves and our connection to the outside world. For many people who are not spiritual and just recently “awakened” their spirituality, this stone will help you along your journey of rediscovering yourself.

When Ruby and Zoisite are naturally combined into a single stone, the Root, Heart, and Third Eye Chakras are all aligned and harmonize on the same vibrational level. This special combination of stones will help in the manifesting of ideas and will offer the strength and will to accomplish your dreams. Ruby Zoisite aligns the heart and third eye to produce a deepened understanding of what negativity you are carrying and how to conquer it. Ruby Zoisite is also one of the very few minerals that can transmute negative energies into positivity. Even leaving a piece in your daily environment will drastically benefit everyone in it.

Ruby Zoisite is a prized meditation stone. It promotes incredible psychic abilities for allowing inter-dimensional travel and for people who practice astral projection. The alignment of the root, heart, and third eye together allow for controlled, yet intense experiences filled with knowledge.

Ruby Zoisite is a stone perfect for mourning and releasing pain and sorrow after the death of a loved one. Spiritually you will be comforted, and though you may not realize it, you will begin to heal slowly. Within time, you will get that passion back in your life and redevelop into an even better form of yourself.


Rudraksha Seed

No single tree is as rich with scriptural references, spiritual myths and legends as the Rudraksha. Its beads have long been sought for their supposed medicinal and magical properties and this highly spiritual bead is a true treasure trove of benefits. The word Rudraksha is derived from the words Rudra (Shiva) and aksha (eyes) – it is said that once, when Lord Shiva went into meditation for a long time for the well-being of all living beings, upon waking from this state and opening his eyes, tears immediately fell from his eyes onto the ground.  When they reached the ground, they took the form of Rudraksha seeds, from which the Rudraksha trees grow.

Ancient spiritual texts like the Shiv Purana and the Devi Bhagwatam are replete with the numerous therapeutic properties and the spiritual significance of these herbal beads. The various colours, shapes, sizes and the number of cuts (called mukhis – Rudraksha seeds range from 1 to 21 mukhi) determine the value of the beads. This helps to determine its significance in treating different ailments.

Wearing the sacred Rudraksha seeds is said to bring one to the alpha state of present-moment living.