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8mm Light Yellow Jade Mala with 10mm Striped Dreaming Agate Guru Bead. NOTE: will need to be made again first. Can also be made with different guru bead.

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NOTE: will need to be made again first. Can also be made with different guru bead.

60cm long

Yellow Jade

Summary: Navel Chakra – Zodiac sign: Taurus – Keywords: Dream Stone, Lucid Dreams, Meditation, Spirit World, Wisdom, Understanding, Concentration, Focus, Determination, Endurance, Study, Development, Growth, Mood Balancing,  Conflict Resolve, Joy, Cheerfulness, Sun Energy, Fire Energy, Self-Esteem, Self-Confidence, Optimism, Enthusiasm, Courage, Abundance, Good Luck, Personal Power, Fulfillment, Harmonious Relationships, Trauma Release, Sleep, Connection, Emotional Stability, Curiosity, Intellectual Stimulation, Protection; Eliminates Criticism and Judgment, Bullying and Perfectionism, thus Helping in Relationships; Work-Life Balance – Physical & mental health: heart, bladder, kidneys, spleen, thymus, thyroid, larynx, supra-adrenals, poor digestion, blood circulation, mineral balance, metabolism, immune system, fatigue; removes toxins; illnesses related to the joints and bones, esp. the hips; infections, bed wetting, fluid retention, irregular blood sugar levels, high blood pressure, anorexia, reproductive system, fertility, childbirth.



Yellow Jade is one of the rarest kinds of Jades, with colors being as light as lemon. It can also exhibit a dark golden color. It is cheerful and energetic, a stone of assimilation and discrimination. It displays the yellow rays of pure sunshine, and ushers us into a time of development, strength and maturity.

Yellow Jade refers to the yellow variety of Nephrite, which is a variety of Jade. It can usually be found in Myanmar, Guatemala, Japan, and in some parts of the USA, including California and Alaska. It can also be found in some localities in China. Yellow Jade that’s mined from different locations also exhibits different features in color, smoothness, and many more. Its yellow color is caused by ions that get inside the crystal lattice and by the element tantalum.

Yellow Jade is associated with Fire Energy, which is oriented to identity, ego, and self-definition. Its yellow color will instill optimism, enthusiasm, wisdom, and intellect. It’s aligned with the Sun and the planet Mars, and it will encourage you to harness your personal power and achieve a sense of fulfillment.

Yellow Jade will bring energies of self-confidence, courage, and abundance. It will impart wisdom in silence and tranquility, and it will dispel harm and negativity. This stone will also attract good luck and good fortune, and it will enable self-sufficiency. It will help you release your emotions in a healthy manner.

When used as a dream stone, it will help you release your thoughts and emotions as dreams and help you process them when you awake. It can also help you control your dream content. Placing Yellow Jade under your pillow or inside your pillowcase and will give you good and restful sleep and lucid dreams. Yellow Jade will also emotionally heal you by taking away your traumas during your sleep; it will do this by releasing all negative emotions and thoughts while you’re asleep so that when you wake up you not only feel better but also extremely relaxed.

It’s also a stone that will bring joy and happiness and show you how you can be connected to all living beings. It will promote emotional stability and it will bring balance and harmony to loving relationships.

If you want to enhance the good luck in your life, you should always carry a piece of Yellow Jade with you. It will also surround you with protective energies and promote long life, while also helping you control your focus so that you won’t be distracted from your (business or other) goals, and it will help you to deal with distractions. Yellow Jade will keep you curious, and it will support you in expanding your plans and achieving higher goals. It will also inspire you to keep learning and stimulating your intellect, and will help you realize your potential and achieve your highest and most purposeful goals. Yellow Jade will evoke a sense of constant curiosity in you so that you’re always keen and thinking about things that others just aren’t. This will enable you to have a different outlook about most things in life and will also help you come up with ideas that will change your life.

When used close to the body, Yellow Jade will give protection from people who wish you harm, and it will protect you during long journeys.

Yellow Jade has very specific qualities to help you in your relationships. It will prevent you from becoming too demanding or critical of your partner. It will remove your tendencies to become overly judgmental, critical or stubborn. It will also get rid of your perfectionist thinking. Moreover, it will manage your stress levels so that you will not take it out on your loved one(s). Moreover, Yellow Jade will help you not become a workaholic (where you would neglect your personal life and your responsibilities to your loved ones). This stone will make sure that you have a work-life balance. Yellow Jade will help you relax. It will remove your inability to slow down and your tendency to mentally or emotionally bully your partner.

Yellow Jade will strengthen your self-esteem so that you will not feel isolated or abandoned by the person you love. It will give you the strength to try out new things and spend less time feeling depressed or insecure.

Yellow Jade will also help you realize that it’s never okay to blame other people when things don’t go your way. It will help you not become emotionally aloof, defensive, possessive, rigid, or cunning. This stone will strengthen your perception and give you clarity of mind.

Yellow Jade will make you more cheerful, playful and joyful, and will encourage you to communicate on a more open level. It will support you in dealing with your emotional issues and bring them up to the surface for resolution. Yellow Jade will also help bring out the optimistic side of you and your general outlook about life will change and become very positive.

Yellow Jade can help with a range of physical ailments, including problems with the heart, bladder, thyroid, kidneys, larynx, thymus, and spleen. It can also improve poor digestion. It contains beneficial minerals to the human body, and it can improve blood circulation. It can also boost metabolism, prevent disease, and eliminate fatigue.

Jade (in all colours) is said to bless whatever it touches, serving mankind across the globe for nearly 6,000 years.

Jade is most valued for its metaphysical properties. It is the ultimate “Dream Stone,” revered in ancient cultures, as well as today, to access the spiritual world, gain insight into ritualistic knowledge, encourage creativity, and dream-solve.

Jade is the stone of calm in the midst of storm. Its action balances nerves and soothes cardiac rhythm. A piece of Jade kept in a pocket or on a pendant to stroke from time to time recharges energy, and traditionally guards against illness. Jade may also be used to temper the shock or fear of the very young or very old being cared for in the hospital or away from home and family.

Jade is excellent for healing feelings of guilt, and for extreme cases of defeatism. It also treats “pathological normality,” an excessive desire to adapt oneself to a group, even if it is sect-like, exaggerated militarism, a follow-the-leader attitude, or the compulsive desire to give in to general opinion to belong no matter the cost.

As a professional support stone, Jade aids doctors, nurses, veterinarians, and all healers in making practical diagnosis and in their applications.

Jade protects against deception and authoritative abuse for financial or sexual gain. Jade signifies peace through strength, and is also helpful in homes or occupations that encounter bullying or intimidation from violent children or teens.

Jade is a powerful cleansing stone, enhancing the body’s filtration and elimination organs. It is excellent for treating the kidneys, spleen and supra-adrenal glands, removing toxins and balancing the fluids and water-salt/acid-alkaline ratios in the body.

It is helpful to the bones and joints, especially the hips, and for treating bacterial and viral infections, cystitis and genito-urinary infections, and bed wetting.

Jade has a restorative property, allowing for both the cellular and skeletal systems to re-bind themselves, and assists in the removal of pain associated with the body’s healing of itself. Jade also helps stitches to bind and heal properly, and has been used to diminish cramps and “Charlie horses.”

Jade is thought to treat reproductive disorders, especially male, and assist during childbirth. Jade may also be used to help teenage girls with anorexia, and for mothers who are afraid of not knowing how to parent their children.

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