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A rebozo tightening stick is used in Closing the Bones ceremonies or self-wrapping work to help tighten a rebozo around the pelvis to the desired level of tightness, thus helping the pelvic ligaments relax.

As I cannot offer free UK postage on just a stick as I do on everything else in my webshop, you have the choice between adding a stick to a rebozo order (and then just paying £4 for the stick), or choosing the option “bought on its own”, to which 2nd class postage & packaging is already added.



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This wooden stick helps to tighten a rebozo around the pelvis in both self-wrapping and Closing the Bones work.

Indicated price is for when the stick is added to a rebozo order. If you want to order just the stick, message me – you’d have to pay postage on top then.


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