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As Rebozos and Fajas are all artisanal pieces, they might contain some weavers knots, pulls, … – signs that they are handwork rather than ‘damages’. Slight changes in colour or size might e.g. also be due the change in the thread lots and as the rebozos are handmade by various artisans. Each rebozo and faja, in the end, is a completely unique piece.

However, sometimes I receive pieces from the weaver cooperatives where some of these signs are more noticeable or where a mistake has been made – the quality of weave is exactly the same, and there is no effect whatsoever on the use, but they are visually more noticeable.

For such pieces, I offer a discount.

I currently have 1 striped faja available that has variations in the colour on the left vs. right part, as pictured. It’s just as strong as any other faja but there are the colour variations that I’ve taken pics of. And this one is with tassels instead of plaits (initially I imported both options, now they’ve started making them standard with plaits).

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Striped Faja